The Geared to Golf Indoor Performance Center is a cutting edge training facility for Junior Athletes and aspiring players. The Indoor Performance Center is located at Lakeridge Golf Club and provides Athletes with a complete practice facility that includes: 1200 Square Foot Putting Green, Chipping Areas, 5 hitting bays and 1 Dedicated Trackman Coaching Bay with Projector. The Indoor Performance Center serves as a place to showcase Geared Team Members. 

Trackman Coaching Analysis Radar Technology - Trackman is a launch monitor that measures ball spin rate, club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, direction, distance and more. Geared Team Members use it in the golf center to help with driver fittings and controlling their distances. It can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Tv's - There is a 36 inch LED and 55 inch LED televisions located at the Indoor Performance Center. The televisions are capable of showing video and can be used as tools for training. 

E6 Simulator Software - Cutting Edge graphics to bring your game to the next level, the E6 Software is a perfect combination with our Trackman.

Internet - The Indoor Performance Center is equipped with WIFI to help junior athletes gain access for study purposes and assistance from our Coaching Staff. 

Ping Pong Table - A Ping Pong Table is located in the Indoor Performance Center for Coaches and Team Members to use for skill building and friendly competition. 

Scratch Labs - Each Gear Team Member receives Scratch Labs Performance Sports Drink during there training session. Team Members are responsible for providing there own water bottle.