Even though our cold Canadian climate does not allow us to play golf through the winter months, that does not mean our golf clubs should go away and begin to gather dust in the garage or closet. We at Geared to Golf believe that winter months can be an extremely important time for a motivated golfer’s development.

With our athletes, the process begins with establishing a good plan: Together, we outline exactly who each athlete wants to become, and establish new behaviours and goals that will guide them through the process of evolving as a golfer. This requires some reflection on behalf of the athlete, and can be a very powerful tool for change; when it comes to getting rid of some old bad habits, and adopting new beneficial golf specific habits for change.

This is a time of year where athletes can make great strides at making changes to their golf swings and to their bodies. We focus on one or two goals pertaining to your swing, one or two goals pertaining to your flexibility and fitness, and discuss ways in which we can enhance your mental approach or mindset to the game.

With a clearly laid out plan, all that remains for the athlete is a lot of repetition and hard work! Discipline is a word often used with our athletes as the process of making change is not an easy one and requires quite a bit of hard work. However, the net result of a well laid out plan, and execution of that plan, is a golf season full of personal bests and fun on the golf course!

We look forward to continued communication on how you can make the best of these cold winter months, so you can come out playing the best golf of your life in the spring!

Ryan StarrComment