Ryan and I spent Saturday and Sunday watching our Gear 4 team members play in their Durham Junior Golf Tour qualifier at Black Diamond Golf Club in Pontypool. We couldn’t have been more proud of how our Geared Team members competed in what were some very challenging conditions, and under some intense pressure situations. I am not sure who was more nervous out there though….the players, or their extremely anxious coaches =)

Ever since our first practice on March 29th, we all had our sights set on this qualifier and had been preparing as a team and individuals with one goal in mind – We wanted to be the most prepared players in the field! Indeed, our preparation was going to be our greatest competitive advantage over the field at Black Diamond. With that in mind, we put heavy emphasis on routines, practice habits, targets, diet, sleep, and time management as we got ready for Black Diamond. We also played a practice round as a team the weekend before, developing some strategy and mapping the golf course to plan how we would attack it in the qualifier. It was a very enjoyable process getting ready for this event.

“We wanted to be the most prepared players in the field”

Unless you have experienced it, you can’t quite appreciate how difficult qualifying in golf can be. It is the ultimate test of mental toughness, patience, and discipline. As hard as you try to stay in the present and not think about score, it remains the one constant in the back of your mind. Thoughts like: “did that four footer that I just missed cost me getting in?” Or “What score is going to qualify and how close am I if I just play the last three holes at even par?” It is a constant battle of emotions, and therefore typically the most prepared and mentally tough are the ones who usually survive.

As I said earlier, we could not be more proud of our boys for how they competed and never gave up on the weekend. We have some very tough competitors on our team, and I can hardly wait for our team practice Thursday where we can discuss, praise, and learn from their efforts on the weekend. We have a very bright future ahead of us with our Geared to Golf Performance Team!

Kudos to all who competed on the weekend, in what were some very tough conditions! It was an absolute pleasure being out there observing such incredible golf from some of Durham’s finest young golfers. Thank you also to the Durham Junior Golf Tour for running such a first class qualifier!

It is finally starting to feel like spring, and the 2014 competitive season is underway. It sure is a great time to be a golf coach!

See you on the links,

Ryan and Jake

Geared to Golf Coaching Staff

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