Why we love Junior Golf


Unfortunately over the last few years golf has shown a trend of declining interest. This may be because it is typically a very expensive sport to play, or due to the time constraints as a round of golf can often take over 4 hours to play. Whatever the reason may be, it is not something that we in the Geared to Golf family are willing to accept. We believe one of our greatest gifts is our ability to expose this wonderful game to youth, and in this edition of Coach’s Corner we would like to discuss reasons why we are such major advocates of junior golf.

  • Golf has already brought me so much in my 20 plus years of playing it:
  • Incredible friendships that will last my entire lifetime
  • Meaningful life lessons about etiquette, perseverance, hard work, and self-fulfillment
  • A scholarship to play golf in University, where I not only competed clear across the United States, but received a first class education in the process
  • And finally, an opportunity now with Geared to Golf to share my love of the game with so many kids and golf enthusiasts across the Durham region

There is really no better way to spend a summer if you are a kid than outside on the golf course. Through golf, you learn patience, dedication, interaction, opportunity and humility. This all comes while kids are outside being active, instead of inside watching television or playing video games.

As a coach it is incredibly rewarding to watch kids learn and grow in the game of golf. We can’t wait for that first junior clinic in May where we get to watch kids smash drives, and enjoy the massive high fives that ensue!

Please join us in keeping your fingers crossed as we anxiously await the snow clearing and the 2014 golf season getting underway.

We can’t wait to get started with Geared to Golf!

Ryan StarrComment