The Geared to Golf Story


My name is Jacob Patte, and as the head coach and partner, I could not be happier to introduce you to the Geared to Golf Performance Center!

The Geared to Golf Performance Center is the product of countless hours of thought, considerable knowledge from some of the best minds in golf development in Ontario, and a partnership team at Bruce’s Golf Rewards that has taken my dream and begun to make it reality.

I cannot thank my partner Ryan Starr, the many people whose minds we picked during the early stages, and the incredible support team at Bruce’s Golf Rewards for this tremendous opportunity.

 I can remember like it was yesterday receiving my first set of cut down golf clubs when I was 4 years old. I am reminded by my mother that I slept with those clubs for at least a month. Indeed, it was as a four year old hitting golf balls out of snowbanks in my back yard that I fell in love with this wonderful game. Twenty two years later I am incredibly excited to share my passion with aspiring golfers of all ages. The Geared to Golf Performance Center is the product of my dreams; how fortunate that I found partners with the same dream. Through the lines of this blog, I want you as my readers to feel the energy, excitement, and passion I have for this wonderful new development center.


The vision of Geared to Golf is to create a development center that is rivalled by no one in terms of facilities, technology, and PGA of Canada coaches that truly care about seeing you improve. The Center has programs and structuring to meet the needs of golfers of all skill levels, and will have a focus on junior golf development. We love our potential to build Geared to Golf programs at the grassroots level, and expose youth to this incredible game around the Durham region.


 We have financial backing from the Partners at Bruce’s Golf Rewards to build a 2, 000 square foot building, which will be the home of the Geared to Golf Performance Teams. The building will be fully operational 12 months of the year, equipped with a TRACKMAN launch monitor for teaching and fitting, have a 750 square foot indoor putting green, and four other hitting bays.


My partner Ryan deserves full credit for the name. After much discussion and debate, he proposed the Geared to Golf name which we all supported full heartedly as it captured everything we were after. The name was catchy, the name allowed us to create a really sharp logo, and most importantly the name allowed us to create a pathway for our junior golfers to follow as they mature in golf.


With Geared to Golf we are providing a clear golf development pathway with comprehensive coaching support for golfers between the ages of 4 – 18. We love our ability at Geared to start our programming at the grassroots level, exposing youth to this wonderful game. We have the facilities and support to run a series of camps, clinics, and high performance programs meeting the needs of all age groups and ability levels. It is our overall goal to have kids maturing through the Geared to Golf pathway with the hope that one day our programs produce the next Graham Delaet or Mike Weir.


Our Geared programs provide the ultimate in “all course access” privileges in Canada. This gives junior athletes true access to the first tee, and practice facilities 7 days a week. Gone are the days of junior restrictions with the Geared to Golf Performance Teams.


Geared performance teams is a team focussed environment similar to the very successful hockey Canada initiative. Emphasis will be on guiding aspiring junior golfers through the Geared to Golf pathway, with maximum coach to player contact time.


I hope by reading this introductory blog, you can feel the energy behind this wonderful new endeavour. Ryan and I are extremely proud of the structure we have been able to create, and cannot wait to blow you away with the Geared to Golf Experience!

I look forward to sharing with you as we embark on this wonderful journey with Geared to Golf!


The luckiest golf coach in the world,

Jake Patte.


“ The most important shot in golf, is your next one”  - Ben Hogan

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