The mission of this group is to provide an opportunity for our athletes to develop in all aspects of golf including tournament preparation, off-course fitness, winter training and team play. The primary objective is to prepare the athletes tournament schedule for elite spring and summer competition. This group will require a strong commitment to training, teamwork and regular localized competition. Expectations at this level is for full participation in GAO Qualifiers and Regional Events. Athletes in this group are willing to put forth effort to improve daily through team and individual coaching sessions along with commitment to practicing independently. 

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Full Season Training Program
  • On Course Strategy
  • Individual Coaching focused on individual athletes traits
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Tournament Planning
  • On Course Play with Coach Program
  • Tournament Observation
  • Performance Plans and Individual target setting
  • Supervised Practice Sessions
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Provincial On Course Attendance


New Competitor Training

Regional Championships

Lossa Competition

OFSSA Championship

Regional Combine

Provincial Championships


8-Month Training Program
Specialized Winter and Summer sessions
Thursday Evenings Winter Program (6:1 Ratio) 90 Minutes
Wednesday Evenings Summer Program (90 Minute Coaching Session per week)
Saturday Afternoons (2-Hour On Coarse Coaching Program)
Sunday Afternoon "Play with the Coach"
All Access Range Privileges
All Access Privileges at Lakeridge and Whispering Ridge Golf Courses

Participation: 15 Juniors

Team Gear Clothing and Team Gear Golf Bag included in Program.