The mission of this group is to provide a program focused on progress, development and achievement towards local junior golf tours, Bantam Championship and local invitationals. Athletes within this group need to demonstrate further understanding of their golf swings and on-course management. Skills such as driving distance, speed and short game will be worked on through group coaching sessions. Consistent attendance along with a strong commitment is needed in this group. Athletes fall within the ages 13 to 15 and will mentor the 3rd Gear Athletes.

  • Skill Focused Training to improve tournament performance
  • Individual Coaching
  • Supervised Practice Sessions
  • Fitness/Nutrition
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • On Course Play with Coach Program
  • Off Course Training Program
  • Individual target and performance plans
  • Tournament Preparation
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Fun
  • On-Course Strategy
  • Provincial Tournament Attendance


New Competitor Training
Local Invitationals
Local Tour Events
Junior Spring Qualifier
Junior Boys Championship
Ontario Juvenile Championship
Junior Match Play Championship
Junior Better Ball Championship


7-Month Training

2-90 Minute Sessions per week

Bi-weekly 45-Minute Individual Coaching

Tuesday and Saturday (School Schedule)

Tuesday/Wednesday (Summer Schedule)

Open Play with Coaches

All Access Range Privileges

All Access Course Privileges at Lakeridge and Whispering Ridge Golf Courses


*Athlete Requirements

Junior Leadership meeting (Spring 2016)

Athlete/Family Interview required prior to registration

Bench marking and Trackman Combine Testing

Participation: 20 Junior Players

Team Gear Clothing and Team Gear Golf Bag included in Program.